In the spirit of our upcoming benefit performance of “The Vagina Monologues,” we’d like to share a special monologue of our own–one created in the spirit of a Gretta Scholar. We hope it provides both perspective into the lives we are improving daily and inspiration tobuy your tickets to the performance today.

TGF Monologue: I Was Born a Girl

I was born a girl, that’s all. That’s all I am, that is.
I am the third born of eight. My mummy was the fifth born of seven. She was born a girl too, that’s all. That’s all she was, that’s all

And because that is all she was, we were thrown off our land, out of our home and stripped of all we owned when daddy died. That’s all she was when daddy died and she refused to be concubined by daddy’s brother. She would have been one of others and that’s all they’d be.No right to own their own and be their own be. So on our own we were and poor we were; all nine with three more when auntie died of HIV.

What chance did I have being a girl, that’s all? When funds for school were available, the boys would go and us girls the last to be.

What chance did I have being a girl, that’s all? Without an education, I might be an old man’s girl, that’s all. All for some soap to wash or maize to eat, that’s all. An old man’s girl, that’s all, and some HIV for me.

What chance did I have being a girl, that’s all? Without an education, I might be an old man’s wife, that’s all. With me gone, my mummy, another girl, that’s all, didn’t need to feed me. If I’m to be a wife, that’s all, next I’m sure to be a mother, that’s all; too young to be, my body might break. Then I’ll have no chance for an education. Maybe I’ll give birth to another girl, that’s all.

But no, my mummy wasn’t a girl, that all, she was a woman, that’s it. She worked hard and stayed strong and she saw the cycle of poverty, no education and disease rage on, but not in her home, her women’s home, that’s it.

In her women’s home she kept us together, didn’t bed or marry us off and with the help of other’s far away, I got my education, a girl, that’s it. Now in college I study so hard to be my dream of an educated woman, the noblest of all, a nurse, I’ll be.

One day I’ll be a nurse and go back to my home and help others, a woman too I’ll be, that’s it. I’ll be a role model for other girls, that’s it and other boys too, they’ll see. I’ll go back to my home and save lives and all with a nurse’s mind, hands and heart, that’s it.
A nurse; that’s all I am, I is, and enough for me that is.

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See you in March,
Meg Styles
President & Founder