While the attending African nations focus on maternal and child health and security in the region, especially in light of the recent terrorist bombings in Uganda responsible for 80 deaths, our Gretta Scholars have been working to provide care to the injured survivors and other patients.

These last weeks have been particularly challenging for our scholars. Agnes at Mulago Hospital told us that she was overwhelmed by the death toll, as ambulances had delivered more bodies than patients. But despite the suffering, there have been heart-warming lessons as well. Immaculate at the University Hospital located near the attacks had this to share. “During the ward rounds, I met a patient who had burns on the whole lower part of his body. The nurse in charge asked me to assist in dressing his wounds. I was scared to touch him. After the ward rounds, the nurse taught me how to overcome my fears. After a few days, I was able to change the dressings…and chat with him at ease. Sometimes he would even ask for me. In fact, (I) am going to miss this patient!”

WCimageWe at TGF continue to be immeasurably proud of our scholars and we couldn’t support them without your help. Your donations are improving the lives of many in Uganda during this time of tragedy.

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Meg Styles
President & Founder