I’m sure that many of you have heard about the bomb blasts in Kampala, Uganda. On Sunday, three bombs claimed 74 lives where crowds were watching the World Cup Finals. One bomb was set off in Kabalagala, which is the town next to Muyenga where the Gretta Scholars live and where their university and its affiliate hospital are located.

We confirmed that all Gretta Scholars are fine. According to our sources, first-year scholars are busy doing rounds at the university hospital, while second-year scholars are doing their rounds at the Mulago National Referral Hospital. As per a text posted at Mulago from Agnes, one of the Gretta Scholars, many people have died and “they (Scholars) are being run off their feet.”

Already, our Gretta Scholars are making a difference in so many lives at this critical time.

We, at TGF, give our heartfelt support to our scholars, their families and fellow countrymen and give them praise for the wonderful work they are doing amidst this tragedy.

Meg Styles
President & Founder