They will be joining our first Gretta Scholar, Agnes, in the Baccalaureate nursing program at the International Health Science University in Kampala.

After successfully completing her first year, Agnes kept herself busy during her school break and taking pride in her chosen profession. In her own words,

“I am fine and enjoying the clinical practices because I’ve gained some experience in the nursing profession. It’s really good to be a nurse. You bring hope in people’s lives.”

It is in these remarkable and heartrending personal stories where we stay grounded and find our inspiration. One of our new scholars is no exception. She is 19 years old and is the third born. Her father died when she was 8 leaving her mother to care for their eight children and two others who had been orphaned when an aunt had passed away. Because her mother refused to be inherited by her father’s brother (as can be the custom), they were sent out of the home and all their property taken by her father’s family. They were so destitute that she had to use rags because they could not afford sanitary towels. This scenario often is the reason for a girl’s persistent lack of school attendance where poverty is epidemic. She has a younger brother who is asthmatic and she feels once she is a nurse she will be able to look after him and support him. Before now, she was living in an unsuitable environment on the outskirts of Kampala walking miles each day to and from school.

agnesNow she will not have to worry about tuition, school supplies, transport, medical services, and room and board. The living allowance that she will receive every month will provide personal necessities once in short supply.

Our scholars have a lot of work ahead of them, but let’s keep in mind what they have endured thus far, and how far they have come with so little.

It is not too late to enroll more new scholars this fall.
It is such a tremendous satisfaction and you’ll find pure joy in answering someone’s dream and changing their life circumstances forever.

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Meg Styles
President & Founder