JosephineJosephine sent these words to Meg Styles to share with you, TGF’s supporters.

A wonderful appreciation goes to the Almighty father for having kept both of us up to this moment. Am also glad to appreciate you personally for being such a loving caring scholarship matron who has made many students to persue the nursing profession they have dreamt of.

This email serves to inform you about my first year semesters which ended successfully…I managed to pass all my courses, and am very glad to inform you that am already in the university for my second year semester. Studies are moving on well, lectures will end [soon] followed by practicum…and am confident of performing everything expected of me.

Growing up in a single-parented home where my mummy had to work very hard to make the ends-meet has caused financial and academic challenges.  However it has more importantly made me realize the value of education and the challenging world.

I am glad to inform you that I will be the first in my family and community to attend a university…and I would hope to set a reputable example for my followers, both at family and community level.

I convey my sincere thanks and heartfelt greetings from my family members especially mummy who has ever appreciated your dear support. I promise to work as hard as possible to achieve my beloved goal of nursing profession.