"Nursing lies at the very heart of humankind’s commitment to caring for one another.” - Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Although nominal by US standards, the cost for nursing education is varied from country to country. The Gretta Foundation funds nursing scholarships in both rural, and urban, public, and private, nursing education institutions.

The typical cost to provide a full nursing scholarship for Scholars enrolled in government-sponsored or privately funded schools is approximately $1500 – $3800 per scholar, per year.

Each scholarship will provide its recipient with everything they need, including annual tuition, room and board, living allowance, books, school uniforms, shoes, and clinical supplies such as stethoscopes and blood pressure readers.

Africa has 24% of the global disease burden,
with only 3% of the global healthcare workforce,
while spending less than 1% of world health expenditure.

Donations to this work can have exponential impact and any amount will be of great help.

Imagine the effect your donation will have on humanity. By providing the opportunity to increase the global nurseforce, your support will impact all those touched by a profession dedicated to care and cure.

The Gretta Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We are currently accepting tax-deductible donations by check our using our secure online donation form.

Thank you for your support!


Pays academic enrollment fees

Gives bedding and living provisions

Provides two uniforms and nursing shoes

Furnishes clinical supplies for an entire nursing program

Covers one scholar’s annual living allowance

Buys books and school supplies for an entire nursing program

Funds annual tuition including room and board