Providing nursing to those who have none.

Gretta believed that great things could be done through the acts of one. She regarded the potential impact of a nurse to be profound and inspired nurses to see their future as a boundless landscape of promise and possibility.

In honor of Gretta’s memory, The Gretta Foundation is devoted to embracing her belief in nurses and continuing her legacy by inspiring future generations of nurses to rise to their potential and make their own destinies.

Nurses are instruments of change who empower their communities by caring for the ill while providing the only real hope for disease prevention and cure.

Nurses in developing countries are arguably the most important health care workers available as they perform a broad range of tasks and are often working in settings where no other health worker, including physicians, are available.

To hear from the perspective of the nurses themselves, please visit our latest updates for a poem by Jennifer, a nursing scholar from Malawi.


  • Many scholarship recipients are orphaned, impoverished and overwhelmed with the responsibility of providing for younger siblings. Without scholarship assistance, dreams such as becoming a nurse would remain unfulfilled.
  • Nursing is a truly indispensable profession. Nurses are change agents who not only live independent, self-sustaining lives, but also leave a contributive mark on their communities and on humanity.