immaculate-headshotImmaculate has asked to share a few words with you, our supporters. They come from rural Kisoro, a town near the Rwandan border.

Life as a Gretta Scholar

It is of great pleasure to say that my life changed totally ever since I became a Gretta Scholar… Now I go to class with a settled mind like other students.

Life at school

I usually go to class from morning at 8:00AM up to lunch time at 1:00PM and then to the ward for practice at 2:00PM to 8:00PM. Sometimes I have off duties for reading books and school activities like Clubs. We also go for practice to other hospitals like Mulago Referral Hospital in [far off] Kampala.

Stories from patients

On my course of service I have met patients with different conditions like HIV and cancer patients undergoing surgery. These patients are always telling me challenging stories and I find out that the advice I am giving [them] are psychologically and socially touching them…[They ask] “who will take care of my young children after my death?” This touches me so much when I think of orphans that will be left.

I thank God that I am studying to become a nurse full of hope to save [lives] of very many patients suffering from disease that would claim their lives.

What it means to be a nurse

Being a nurse means gathering courage and becoming hopeful to cater for patients more [importantly] when some of them die.

Another thing to share

I am very proud to say thank you The Gretta Foundation for rendering your greatest support.